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Markee `D` Ministries was birthed out of a deep concern for people of all ages that face stressful challenges in their lives. We want to act as a `distribution center` or bridge to assist all those that are in need. Our ministry has branched out to provide the essentials like food and clothing, but also graduated by borrowing from the old adage "GIVE a man fish and he will eat that day, TEACH a man HOW TO fish and he eats everyday". This is why MD Ministries has and continues to sponsor its security licensing programs in order to train potential candidates to become gainfully employed.

Markee `D` Ministries has also created outlets like Club MD (read more in our outreach link) to be a place where all can come and have a great time. We cater to all groups and provide a safe haven especially for our young people by keeping them off the streets. Our extensive Customer Service Training is but another outreach which provides life skill techniques needed in a corporate environment. Its curriculum consists of training candidates for the proper usage of dress attire, resume prep, speaking and overall conduct in the workplace.

Markee `D` Ministries also conducts conferences and workshops that will consist of money management, business, and personal investments. Our goal is to help strengthen the family structure and encourage economic growth in our home, surrounding communities and abroad.

Markee `D` Ministries seeks to network and tap into the resources needed to continue getting the necessary help to those who's today will affect our tomorrow... our young people. With your help... our diverse branches of people oriented ministry outreach has the potential tools to change things, we are striving in the hope of making an impact in the lives of many.

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